Explore The Diverse Array Hot Springs Of Rwanda.


Rwanda boasts of some of the most fascinating hot springs, which in Kinyarwanda, are referred to as Amashyuza. These natural wonders offer refreshing and rejuvenating experiences, therapeutic benefits and breathtaking views that you won’t want to miss. Plan your trip today and immerse yourself in the healing waters of these unique hot springs.

These marvel wonders are among the country’s most incredible tourism resources, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Despite their allure, these hot springs have not been given the attention they deserve. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore several must-visit sites across the country, including Nyamyumba, Gisenyi and Nyakanuye or Bugarama.

Nyamyumba Hot Springs in Rubavu District has already attracted many local and international tourists, and for good reason. Although access to the site is limited due to its undeveloped state, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. On the other hand, Gisenyi hot springs, located on the eastern shore of Lake Kivu, are easily accessible and offer the perfect spot for relaxation.

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Nyakanuye hot springs, also known as Bugarama hot springs, are located along the Cyangugu road and offer visitors beautiful limestone quarry scenery. The water is so hot that it can boil eggs in minutes, making it a perfect spot for experiments. You can also visit the Bugarama hot spring, located only 3 km from the Cimerwa cement factory. It forms a large pool of green water due to the presence of algae and is visible from the roadside.

The purpose of these hot springs for the locals and the country of Rwanda

The locals in Rwanda have their reasons for visiting these hot springs, including swimming in the warm water or obtaining water from what they believe are supernatural hot springs. The Nymphaea thermarum, a rare and beautiful species of water lily, can also be found in these hot springs. The water contains minerals such as sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, and lithium sulfate that have healing properties, making it an ideal remedy for various illnesses and skin complications.

These hot springs are not only a source of healing but also a great tourist attraction. Thousands of visitors come to see them and even swim in the water. The government also benefits from the revenue generated by these hot springs. Drinking the water from these hot springs is also beneficial as it stimulates the body’s immune system and can help heal simple illnesses like the flu or more serious conditions like rheumatic diseases.

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In addition to being an excellent tourist attraction, these hot springs are a significant source of revenue for the government. If you need more information about Rwanda’s destinations and are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, please contact: Shalom Safari Rwanda

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