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Accommodation in Rwanda generally falls into two types: hotels in the capital Kigali, and safari lodges and tented camps situated in Rwanda’s parks and reserves, the most popular of which is of course the Volcanoes National Park, Akagera national Park. Nyungwe National Park. Accommodation here provides the ideal base from which to go gorilla trekking – expect clean and comfortable lodges, good food, amazing forest views and plenty of adventure.

Everyone wants to travel the world, and they all need a place to stay when they get there that’s where you come in if you are looking to an accommodation In Rwanda we facilitate you to get the one best for according to your travel and tour destination.

accommodation in rwanda

  • A hotel is generally the largest of all accommodation types.
  • There is typically a common reception area, and rooms generally open directly onto a hallway.
  • The on-site restaurant and other facilities are more accessible to the public than the other accommodation types.
  • A wide range of guest services is available, such as room service.
  • Hotels are often members of larger hotel groups, and a similar accommodation experience may be available in different establishments within the group.

For the travelling wanderer(s) who need a place to stay on a limited budget, hostels make the perfect temporary communal home. Hostels or Motels generally have shared living quarters where guests can mingle with other travellers. They are often cheaper mainly because they cost less to run and some of the employees can take up permanent residence on site. The optimal market for hostels is generally where groups of travellers need a cheap residence, such as along intensive hiking trails or in the countryside and close to public transportation. Additionally, signing up for a hostel booking and local search engines will gain more attention for your hostel.

Hopefully this will help you think about what kind of accommodation you want to open or how best to market one you currently own. Understanding the difference is important to handle your market efficiently and effectively.

  • A spread out collection of single or double story accommodation units.
  • Similar to a hotel in that it offers a wide range of facilities.
  • Units may be rented and available on time-share.
  • A camping area may be included in the resort.
  • A lodge is an accommodation facility which is located and designed to optimize the feeling of being closely in touch with nature.
  • The building style should feature natural materials and coloring such as wood, stone and other

An outdoor experience should be offered at the lodge, such as guided walks, game drives

A private home not dedicated for full time occupation of guests, but is a private house or apartment which is temporarily available for rental, often during peak tourism seasons.



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