About Shalom Safaris

Shalom Safaris Rwanda is a trusted luxury travel company which offers private, tailor-made tours to exciting destinations throughout East Africa. Our passion is to create extraordinary journeys which offer the most authentic experience of this amazing continent. We treat each traveler as an individual, which means that we listen to your client (or you) and customize a vacation package based solely on each traveler’s needs and desires. As no two clients are the same, no two trips we create are entirely the same. As an African safari specialist, DMC and tour operator we offer a full service for arranging and booking safaris, primate treks, Hiking expeditions, Wildlife safaris, beach holidays and other adventurous activities throughout East Africa.

As an experienced tour operator, we personalize our safaris according to our customers’ tastes and needs. Shalom Safaris Rwanda combines luxury style service, and authenticity to provide an exclusive and exciting adventure and an unforgettable experience. Our itineraries showcase properties that meet our high-level standards and expectations in terms of both quality and service. All of our safaris and Hikes are conducted by talented, responsible, and caring guides. In addition,we take great pride in maintaining a modern fleet of comfortable and clean 4×4 safari vehicles, all less than three yeas old ,resulting in rare breakdowns or mechanical issues during your safari.to save time on long drives,we frequently integrate safaris with internal flights.


Shalom Safaris is a well-established and financially secure organization that prioritizes financial stability and ethical principles. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier service and upholding ethical standards in the travel industry. Our commitment extends to creating an optimal working environment for tourism professionals, particularly our guides, ensuring their well-being. Our financial stability empowers us to make strategic investments in African countries, contributing to sustainable tourism development and fostering economic growth in these regions. We are also dedicated to implementing climate-friendly practices, actively working to minimize our environmental impact and promote responsible travel.

Shalom Safaris is proud to hold an official tour company license in Rwanda and is a member of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA). We strictly adhere to the RTTA Code of Conduct, which governs aspects such as truthful advertising, fair trade practices, booking modifications, and effective customer complaint management. This commitment guarantees that our clients consistently receive services of the highest standards. Furthermore, our RTTA membership and licensing provide financial protection to our clients in the unlikely event of company insolvency. Travelers can place their full confidence in our organization, knowing that we prioritize financial stability, ethical principles, and exceptional service.



There are so many companies from which to choose when planning your African adventure that the list can be dizzying. How do you choose the right one? Price is definitely a major factor for most people. At Shalom Safaris, we aim to offer competitive prices without jeopardizing our ethical standards, expertise and experience with years of experience in the travel industry our team possess extensive knowledge and expertise in crafting exceptional travel experiences,safety and security of our esteemed customers and the local communities while practising sustainable tourism. and we take into account every little detaile that can lead to customer satisfaction.,This has resulted in high rankings on www.tripadvisor.com, www.safaribookings.com and many other online booking platforms and search engines. In addition, we are accredited by the Rwanda Development Board But when all is said and done, it is the Shalom Safaris commitment that really differentiates us from other tour companies:

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Here at Shalom Safaris, we can summarize our mission as providing exceptional and transformative travel experiences that not only showcase the beauty and culture of the destinations You visit but also foster a sense of community and connection among your customers. Combined with our willingness to pursue excellence, this allows us to offer authentic experiences to our clients, enabling them to see our incredible destinations as they truly are.


Our founder’s vision is that of a trusted luxury travel company. Through providing unique and memorable travel experiences while actively contributing to the preservation and protection of the environment,wildlife,and local communities. As such, our founder’s vision has only continued to grow and evolve as the company takes its next steps into the future.


To satisfy our customers’ needs by providing quality services according to their demands.


‘’Peaceful travel’’ to learn and fill your life with Adventure.



To be the very best: We love accomplishing goals—yours and ours! Our goal is to become the leading luxury travel company. And the way we do that is by achieving your goals and earning your highest level of satisfaction with our services.

Safety: we prioritize the well-being and security our customers but consistently implementing comprehensive safety measures and establishing a strong safety culture, whether it involve transport, acoomodation, activities, environment and all other aspects you can think of.

We always find a solution: Every staff member at EV is fully accountable for their actions, whether to our teams or our guests. We rely on a comprehensive feedback system from our clients and yours. This ensures that we receive the input we need to continually improve our services. Conservation is priority: Conservation indeed is a priority in services provided by our company, we recognize the need to incorporate conservation practices into our operations and this not only helps protect the natural resources and ecosystems that attracts tourists but also ensures the long-term sustainability of the industry.

  • A response to your quote request within 12 hours of receipt, and timely communication thereafter;
  • A friendly, patient approach, with a personal touch and professional suggestions;
  • Expertise and knowledge to clearly understand your needs;
  • Sensitivity regarding any special needs you may have;
  • Relentless efforts to make sure your program includes everything you require;
  • Superbly designed itineraries;
  • Caring drivers who put a premium on safety, and, importantly, know their stuff;
  • A new, well-maintained, and comfortable 4×4 safari vehicle fleet, with good openings for wildlife spotting and photography;
  • High-quality equipment, especially for mountain expeditions;
  • Accommodation with the highest standards;
  • Ongoing collaboration with our suppliers to ensure that best practices are being followed in healthcare and safety;
  • A seamless holiday where everything goes like clockwork and as promised

what we do

As a tour operator, our aim is to select attractive holiday destinations and activities, and combine them into an easy-to-follow creative and descriptive itinerary that fulfills the stated desires and needs of our clients. We negotiate the best deals with a broad spectrum of local suppliers, and research, source, and inspect all relevant services and products to confirm appropriate quality standards. The solid relationships we have built with our suppliers ensure us strong buying power, thereby enhancing value for money, without compromising our product and service quality.  we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that our clients have a hassle free and enjoyable travel experience .Our services include:

Customized Tours:

we undertand that every traveler has unique requirements.therefore we offer customised tour packages tailored to the individual preferences.our team work clodely with clients to create personilised itneraries that suit their interests,budgetand time constraints

Group Tours

for those who prefer travelling in groups, we organise group tours that provide n opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and explore new destinations together.

Guided Tour

To enhance the travel experience, we provide knowledge, experienced and licensed guides who accompany our clients throughout their journey. Our guides are passionate about sharing their expertise and ensuring that Travellers gain insights into the local culture, history, and attractions.

Transportation and Accomodation

we take care of all transportation arrangements including flights, transfers, and ground transportation during the tour. In addition, we handpick accommodations that meet high standards of comfort and quality,ensuring a pleasant stay for our clients.

Activities and recursion

to make each tour memorable, we include a variety of activities and excursions in our itineraries that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and attractions.

Travel assistances

our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support to our clients before, during and after their tours. from answering queries to resolving any issues that may raise during the trip, we ensure that our clients have a seamless travel experience.