About Shalom Safaris

Shalom Safaris is a Tour and Travel Company in Rwanda that provides safaris and travel related services throughout East Africa. We are enthusiastic to service excellence, providing complete attention to all our clients, scrupulous attention to detail as well as uncompromising safety standards.

As we are the best travel company in Rwanda, We really have most experienced Staff and Competent Team who are well familiar with the Tour and Travel Industry. Our Safari Diver/Guides are well versed about flora, Fauna, history, culture of Rwanda and the rest of East African Countries as well.

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To promote both Domestic and International tourism in Rwanda and offer to the tourists from all corners of the globe diversified tour and travel services through our team of highly competent and enthused staff.


To be become the leading tour and travel company in Rwanda and East Africa, respected and
relied on by both partners and customers.


To satisfy our customers’ needs by providing quality services according to their demands.


‘’Peaceful travel’’ to learn and fill your life with Adventure.




Because we have the experience as the best travel company in Rwanda…we go off the beaten path…we are honest…we are innovative. And…We deliver on our promise. The best part is, most of our past clients felt we exceeded their expectations. The most reliable source of information is that we were the only Tour Company that has been Chosen by RDB to partner with in Organizing the TEMBERURWANDA25 that happened 2019 that is a clear reference that we are the best travel company in Rwanda. Another source of information is someone who has had first-hand experience about something, they are better than any guidebook. Our past clients are a great and reliable source of information. Many have kept in touch with us, even after going back to their
home countries and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients.


As Shalom safaris Ltd is the best travel company in Rwanda, we understand the difficulties of the contemporary tourism industry and knows that setting up, budding and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to accomplishment. We take all trends in tourism business into consideration, invest in new skills and offer both leisure and business travel solutions through the art technology and hospitality. In this way we can keep up with all new market demands and secure the future of our company as wellhome countries and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients.


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