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Shalom Safaris is a Tour and Travel Company in Rwanda that provides safaris and travel related services throughout East Africa. We are enthusiastic to service excellence, providing complete attention to all our clients, scrupulous attention to detail as well as uncompromising safety standards.

We really have most experienced Staff and Competent Team who are well familiar with the Tour and Travel Industry. Our Safari Diver/Guides are well versed about flora, Fauna, history, culture of Rwanda to the rest of East African Countries and gorilla trekking safari africa.

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Rwanda Culture Tours

Rwanda’s exceptional culture is one of the key features that make Rwanda safari lifetime experiences...

Rwanda Wildlife Tours

With Shalom Safaris you can experience the best of Rwanda at first hand. Don’t miss to experience...

Rwanda Vocational Tours

Rwanda has the most relaxing and romantic Vocational Tours you can’t miss to experience while...

City Tours

The Kigali city tour takes you to the major historical and cultural sites of the city which is immediately...

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is one of the leading tourist activities that continues to attract many travelers...

Day Tours

If you are in Rwanda and you are having a Short time or a free day, don’t hesitate to do a 1 day safari... 

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Shalom Safaris is a Tour and Travel Company in Rwanda that provides safaris and travel related services throughout East Africa.

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Popular Tours

gorilla trekking safari africa

9 Days Rwanda Safari Tour

On this 9 days Rwanda Safari Tour expect you get to experience the authentic Rwandan Wildlife with Gorillas,

kenya holiday safari tours


Maasai Mara National Reserve (masai mara national reserve )is one of the key popular tourism points 


This a Uganda Safari in 9 days and 8 nights offers to you a very nice experience of almost the whole Uganda 

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Our TEAM is always available to respond to all your tour needs and assist to ensure that you get the best safari holiday experience in Africa. You can also send us  a quick inquiry :- to book a tour package in advance

Popular Destination

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Visit Rwanda

Rwanda also known as a “Land of Thousand Hills” and is the best place in the world for trekking the Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

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Discover Tanzania

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and also home to some of Africa's most famous national parks and natural attractions, including majestic Mount Kilimanjaro

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WIlderness of Kenya

Kenya provides a diverse ecological mix from the Great Rift Valley to mountain highlands to the Savannah grasslands to a prolific range of wild animals.

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Explore Uganda

Winston Churchill dubbed this wonderful country the ‘pearl of Africa’. There’s an astounding variety of attractions for Visitors and tourists

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Breathtaking Dr Congo

In DR Congo you can see wildlife and indigenous cultures not found easily anywhere else and spot bonobos & okapi two rare species not found anywhere else on earth

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Multi Country Tour

D.R Congo is the third Largest Country in Africa and is bordered to the North by the Central African Republic and Sudan, to the East by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi ...

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Shalom Safaris Rwanda

Shalom Safaris  Rwanda past clients are a great and reliable source of information than any guidebook. Many have kept in touch with us, even after going back to their home countries and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients. choose and travel with us, You won’t be disappointed


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