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Need to Car Hire in Rwanda ? Shalom Safaris Rwanda experts in Car Rental services delivering exceptional discounts without compromising on the quality of the service.

We offer Car hire in Rwanda, minibuses and 4×4 hire vehicles, and with a reliable fleet of well-maintained, trusted and reliable vehicles. Save money on your Car hire in Rwanda by booking with Shalom Safaris Rwanda.

The super low Car rental rates that Shalom Safaris offer are unbeatable. We are the most reliable Car hire in Rwanda.

Our fleet of rental cars includes a wide range of Self `drive cars that include salon cars, SUV, intermediate cars, safari land cruisers, omnibus, family cars and more. Apart from Car hire in Rwanda, we offer minibus rentals and 4×4 hire vehicles at some of the lowest rates you’ll find.

We’re confident we’ve got the right vehicle and daily rate that’s right for you. We offer quick confirmation so you can book and confirm your rental car any time of day, 7 days a week.

Car hire in Rwanda service at Shalom Safaris Rwanda offers Car hire in Rwanda with many different types of cars. We offer professional customer care service and treasure clients as the business pillars.

We provide all kinds of cars for those interested in self-drive and on demand they offer their expert drivers. Through reserving a Car hire in Rwanda you may have an opportunity to obtain a number of discounted offers with regards to other addons like  Camping gear plus free hotel and lodge bookings.

Most of the car hire companies are well connected so they can provide you with whichever type of car you may want.

You may explore beautiful Rwanda in your rented car and even visit the stunning cities such as Kigali, Byumba, Huye, Nyanza, Musanzi, Cyangugu, Gisenyi as well as Kibuye.

Fortunately most of the best Car rental Companies in Rwanda can be found in these cities and they are popular for offering services to those going on Self drive Safaris and city tours in Rwanda all at affordable prices.

With your Car hire in Rwanda you can actually have an opportunity to drive to Musanze to track the Mountain Gorillas and also tour different historical sites plus local communities within the area. Indeed, a trip to Rwanda truly sounds so much fun.

You can actually make it a lot more enjoyable through renting a car from Shalom Safaris Rwanda. Simply enjoy your ride!

Travelers planning to see Rwanda top to bottom on Self drive trips should note that Shalom Safaris offers reliable car Hire in Rwanda to independent Tourists that visit thousand hills to be able to encounter the most Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

With a visit to Congo Nile Trail on private Guided Circuit, Relaxation at Lake Kivu in Gisenyi Town in the northern Province of Rwanda.

Car Hire is the Best Way to Explore thousand hills & Self drive Rwanda is car rental company owned by the locals that have the experience of the true Rwandan terrain looks like and the fleet ready to traverse the destination .

Save money on your Rwanda Car Hire by booking with Self drive Rwanda. The super low rental rates .

Hiring a car from us at the super low rental rates, we offer means you’ll have much more money left in your pocket for the stuff that really matters – enjoying the magnificent scenery and experiencing the fantastic Safari activities that make Rwanda such a special place.

You’re finally heading to Kigali and you have your list of underground spots that have yet to make the “best of” roundups. But unless you want to live and die by the bus schedule or hope the ride shares are fast and frequent, your best bet is having your own set of wheels.

You can score a cheap Kigali rental car through Shalom Safaris Rwanda and still have plenty leftover cash to cut across town to that restaurant your friend won’t stop talking about. Better yet, ditch the trendy restaurant and cruise around to find a hidden hot spot that isn’t on everyone’s social feed…at least not yet.

Grab your wheels and go
It’s not about the freedom of the open road, it’s about the liberty to make your vacation what you want. Imagining the wind in your hair as you fly down the highway? Book a convertible. Maybe you want to take the road not taken (or paved)—hop in an SUV.

Perhaps, this is the trip where you live it up and a luxury car sets the tone. But if you want this vacation to be full of pleasant surprises, then choose a Shalom Safaris Rwanda. You’ll find out the rental agency after you book, but we only work with the best car rental agencies in Kigali, so there’s no risk in rolling these dice.

Trunk full of choices about Car hire in Rwanda

Maybe it’s all about the make or model. Could be you just want the best rate possible. The car you select is up to you, and so is the way you pick your ride. Filter by:

  • Rate: We have Kigali rent-a cars starting at $8.99
  • Car Rental Brand: Choose your wheels from rental car suppliers
  • Car Type: Compact? Minivan? SUV? Luxury? Your ride, your choice
  • Shalom Safaris Hot Rate Car: You pick the location and car type, let us choose the car rental agency to get you the best value

What’s better than the low price you get on your car? Picturing all the new spots you’ll discover. And if you book Shalom Safaris Rwanda, you can go even more places with the money you saved.

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