Planning for Rwanda self-drive trip? or do you plan to work and stay in Rwanda ?, all these require you to have a way out in terms of your transportation.

Since you are moving to or visiting a foreign country, you should take time and learn more about the traffic rules and regulations in Rwanda before you take up your decision of Rwanda self drive trip.

There are so many things to consider if you are planning to drive in Rwanda, and among these may include minimum age for driving in Rwanda, traffic flow, Traffic sign and documentation required as well as insurance

Below are some of the main points to consider while driving in Rwanda

#1 : Flow of Traffic

Every country has a system that controls the flow of traffic depending on the number of roads available and the population of natives as well. In Rwanda, driving is on the right hand side, this is one of the regulations every driver from a foreign country should consider.

All motorcyclists and car drivers drive on the right hand and that is how the traffic flows, you should keep in mind to change direction of driving while driving in Rwanda. When you find a vehicle in the traffic circles please give way because they have right of way already.

Knowing the traffic flow is the best idea for Rwanda self drive, flow what those ahead of you are doing with caution and consider those coming behind you.

#2: Driving license & Insurance

Some of the countries have regulations on the minimum and maximum age for driving. In Rwanda, the minimum age for driving is 18yrs and elderly driver are allowed up to 75 yrs.

International driving permits are accepted as long as they are valid for the period you be on yourself drive trip in Rwanda. Many car rental companies only offer comprehensive insurance which covers vehicle and property only.

Therefore to all visitors on Rwanda self Drive should purchase life insurance before leaving their home countries. The international driving permit is accepted to be in use for only one year and thereafter you must acquire the Rwandese driving permit.

#3: Types of Cars

The type of car you are looking at renting on Rwanda self drive also matters and the destination for your trip as well.

If you’re driving license only favors class B cars then make sure to hire cars under that category, and it you have a license above B to C and more, then you can take the pride in driving you choice of cars.

The Traffic officer can stop you anywhere at any time, but be at ease because it is under law to check any vehicle if need be. Make sure your luggage has nothing that will make you at tough point is the security in Rwanda.

There are a number of vehicles you can hire in Rwanda, ranging from saloon cars, large SUVs, station wagons, Mini vans, coaster bus and so many more

#4: Traffic signs

Traffic signs around the whole round are quite similar, what you have been respecting in your home country will apply as well here, but keep note on some of the signs that can change at different points. Note that many people in Rwanda especially outside Kigali city walk on foot to longer distance.

Be cautious about children playing close to road highways since many of them are not paved. Respect traffic signs, they will save you any road accident or hassle with the traffic police

Main points to note while driving in Rwanda

  • Driving is on the right hand side
  • Driving while on telephone is prohibited
  • Drunken drivers are imprisoned for 5 Days and case can be take on if driver has caused any damage on the road
  • Make sure to have the valid driving permit
  • Check your car to be in right mechanical condition
  • Dirty vehicles are not allowed on the road, try to keep your car clean
  • If you get any trouble on the road, contact your car rental agency immediately or reach out to the police at free toll number 112


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