Information In Rwanda ON Discounted Rwanda Gorilla Permits For Trekking In 2023/2024

Information in Rwanda on discounted Rwanda Gorilla Permits for Trekking in 2023/2024, Discounted Gorilla Permits in Rwanda extended to end of year 2023 at $500 for all African Foreign Residents and $200 for Rwanda and East African Citizens. Information in Rwanda on discounted Rwanda Gorilla Permits for Trekking in 2023/2024 are still available and valid […]

How To Get To Rwanda And East Africa Tourists Visa

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From 1st Jan 2018, Nationals of all countries receive visa on arrival at Kigali International Airport and all land borders. Citizens of countries members to the following international organizations; African Union, Commonwealth and La Francophonie get visa upon arrival and are waived visa fees for a visit of 30 days. A citizen of East African […]

Groups Of Gorillas Found In Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda

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Gorilla Family Groups in Rwanda: Gorilla family groups in the Volcanoes National Park consist of several individuals, led by a dominant silverback male. The silverback is the oldest and largest male in the group, and he is responsible for protecting the group from threats and leading them to food sources. The other members of the […]

Monkey Day For Endangered Golden Monkeys

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The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, are dedicated to protecting gorillas and their habitat, but their direct conservation efforts also extend beyond gorillas to include other species sharing their habitat. This includes the endangered golden monkey, which is the only other primate living in the Virunga forests with the mountain gorillas and currently in the midst of one […]

Mantis Kivu Queen UBuranga

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The new luxury houseboat offers a gateway to connect and explore Rwanda’s treasures Kigali, 14 December 2023 – The luxury houseboat, Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga, is now ready to welcome guests aboard for voyages along one of Africa’s great waterways, Lake Kivu. This magnificent lake forms Rwanda’s western boundary and is renowned for its fishing industry, preserving […]

Tracking Animals And Plants’ Behavior Around Gorilla Forest

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Gorillas live in complex habitats that include many other important species, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund has been actively monitoring and studying this biodiversity for two decades. Understanding more about important animals and plants in these forests is crucial to the survival of gorillas and for effective conservation overall. From golden monkeys to large […]

The Hot Air Balloon Tour In Rwanda

Akagera Hot Air Balloon rwanda Rides are one of the best ways to discover and explore the area of Akagera National Park. While you are watching the scenic view of Lake Ihema, Giraffe Plain, hills, and peninsulas along with wild animals from your hot air balloon rwanda , you will close your eyes and listen to the sound of silence […]

Kigali Genocide Memorial, Rwanda, Africa

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Rwanda, In 100 days, an estimated one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were systematically butchered by the Interahamwe army. This memorial honors the estimated 250,000 people buried here in mass graves and also has an excellent exhibition that tries to explain how it was that the world watched as the 1994 genocide unfolded. This is […]

Conservation In The Tourism Industry In Rwanda

Rwanda is located in the Albertine Rift, a region considered especially rich in biodiversity, making it ideal for conservation and ecotourism. From the protection of national parks to advancing responsible tourism in Rwanda, the country has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting biodiversity conservation, payment for ecosystem services, and sustainable travel. Tourism in Rwanda was […]