7 Days-Bush Mombasa Nairobi Safaris And Elephants Parade


Elephants parade one of main attraction in this 7 Days-Bush Mombasa Nairobi Safaris will take you to the beauty of a herd of elephants parade beneath the foothills of Kilimanjaro.

also during the mombasa nairobi safari we will enjoy The magnificent plains of Kenya are showered with sun on this unique tour tailored to give you the majesty of the Tsavo Trails and beyond, Leopards hide in the canopy of Tsavo West, Rhino graze along the savannah of Tsavo East.

Elephants parade traipse through the diverse landscape of Kenya while calm waters lap at the shores of Mombasa. Kenya safari tours are unforgettable experiences that, like an elephants parade, you will never forget. For mombasa nairobi safari the epic journey is just as memorable as going to masai mara safari.

Elephants Parade, The dawn brings the waking sounds of the wild echoing through the plains.


  • Canopy of Tsavo West
  • Tsavo Trails
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Elephants on Parade


Day 1 : Arrive in Mombasa

7 days mombasa nairobi safaris will start when you Arrive in Mombasa with the calm waters of the sea lapping along the pristine shores. The leaves of palm trees sway in the gentle wind, The delicate scent of ocean drifts in the breeze.

Visit the Omani house, where you can view Omani jewellery and experience a quick view of Swahili life. Below the Passage of Arches cuts through the coral and gives access to the cool waters of the sea. Overnight in Mombasa. end of 1st day mombasa nairobi safaris

Day 2 : The Eastern Savannah

2nd day mombasa nairobi safaris will start in the morning you will depart from Mombasa, the water indigo in the morning light. Arrive in Tsavo East before lunch and venture into the savannah that you always dreamed Kenya to be.

The grounds are a mixture of gilded prairie sprawling into the horizon with hills silhouetted beneath the brush of clouds. The brush of the plain is low, which makes the game drive more exciting, allowing ample opportunity to scour the horizon in search of the Big Five.

Settle in luxury where the wild meets the comfortable and drift into a dream-filled sleep. Overnight in Tsavo. end of 2nd day mombasa nairobi safaris.

Day 3 : Elephants on Parade

The dawn brings the waking sounds of the wild echoing through the plains. Rise early with the sunlight barely kissing the horizon for a chance to witness the wild at their most active, when the heat of the day is a distant memory and also a forthcoming future.

A quiet stomp can be heard in the distance. The sun rises over the plain. The stomp grows louder. The scarce trees in the distance begin to bend. A herd of elephants parade along the tree line. Their skin glows red in the morning light.

They have covered themselves with clay and dust of the land to keep cool in the heat of the day. They strip bark from the trees, pull leaves from the branches, and mark the area as they pass. The larger matriarchs lead the way through the plain as you watch the remaining members of the herd pass by.

Continue your wild adventures by leaving the eastern plains behind and venturing to Tsavo West. The difference is immediately apparent. Listen to the gentle trickle of the lake, the deep gruff of the hippos, and the beauty of Tsavo West. Overnight in Tsavo Day. end of 3rd day mombasa nairobi safaris.

Day 4 : Amboseli National Park

The 4th day of mombasa nairobi safaris will start in the morning with the cries of hyena laughing in the darkness of dawn. Wake to the scent of freshly brewed coffee filling your room and calling you out to the wild.

Venture out to see the morning life Tsavo West one more time before departing the wonders of the forested and volcanic crusted landscapes. You can hear the deep roar of lions, the fierce rumble humming in your bones.

Your guide tells you to look off into the horizon. A troop of lionesses ambles through the tree line in search of food. Their necks stretched long, their strides calm and focused, dipping their snouts to the floor. end of 4th day mombasa nairobi safaris.

Day 5 : Mountains on Capitals

The peak of Kilimanjaro drifts behind the horizon as the savannah of Amboseli gives way to the bustling streets of Nairobi. The capital of Kenya is filled with life and vibrancy; skyscrapers reach into the sky in imitation of the mountaintops.

The streets are filled with decadent delicacies: the flaky crust of samosas, the rich blend of fresh coffee, and roasting meat. After one week in the beauty of Kenya you will almost be ready to run out into the trees and join the giraffes in the wondrous wild. Overnight in Nairobi. end of 5th day mombasa nairobi safaris

Day 6 – 7 : An Elephant Farewell

On the last day of mombasa nairobi safaris will be the time for the elephant parades as The time has come to wave goodbye to the wonders of Kenya and the spectacular wild where the foothills of Kilimanjaro rose into its massive snowy peak.

Your memories of the endless plains of the savannah, and the deep sapphire waters of the ocean, will still be vivid as you take to the air over the sensational African wilderness.

Lions, ostrich and elephants parading through the landscapes below shrink in the distance, but, like all of your time in Kenya, they will forever loom large in your imagination. end of service of 7 days bush mombasa nairobi safaris and elephants parades.

  • Pick up from the airport upon arrival
  • Transport with safari Vehicle with pop-up roof
  • All park entrance fees
  • Accommodations in the requested camp
  • Full board,three meals per day while on safari
  • Drop off to the airport the last day
  • Game drives
  • Drinking water
  • Tips -Laundry -Beverages/Drinks International flights
  • Visas -Items of a personal nature
  • Any other extras not detailed in
  • Hotel accommodations in Nairobi after the safari
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • T-Shirt
  • Entrance Fees