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Welcome to Kigali City Hub ( 1 Day Kigali City Tour) Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in ...


Welcome to Kigali City Hub ( 1 Day Kigali City Tour)

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the center of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. its as well a lively commercial center of the country.

1 day Kigali City Tour is especially beautiful at nighttime with its lights glimmering over some of the thousand hills in the country.

Kigali is divided into 3 districts: Nyarugenge, Gasabo and Kicukiro and is populated by a million people. Your 1 day Kigali City Tour starts as a historic journey with a guided tour through the initial modern building from which this capital was founded.

To the fast developing neighborhoods which are changing the appearance of this city. Kigali is among the cleanest, most friendly and safest cities in Africa attracting several visitors plus investors.

Kigali City was established in 1907 just as a tiny colonial out-post by Dr. Richard Kandt, who was the very first resident German colonialist in Rwanda.

he live at the foothills of Mounts Jali and Kigali in the middle of the city and today this was turned into a Natural History Museum honoring his great work; it is a very common stop for the city tours.

During the tour, guests will pass through the older commercial “quarters”, residential areas and business areas of Kigali, visit some of the historic sites established in memory of the 1994 brutal Tutsi Genocide.

Have a guided 1 day Kigali city tour to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial, as also find out more about the various neighborhoods as well as local attractions of the city. Come and personally experience this beautiful yet very clean country.

The city hosts a number of bars, great coffee shops as well as local plus international restaurants offering Chinese, Greek, Italian, Thai, North African plus East African cuisines.

Resto-bars are actually a favorite to the Kigali’s residents since the people enjoy the scrumptious meal and the great music plus drinks. Kigali’s vibrant nightlife is certainly the best entertainment for any visitor.



      During 1 Day Kigali city tour you will visit A permanent National genocide memorial in remembrance of more than one million victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

      The memorial is a place of remembrance and learning where more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide have been laid to rest. Many people who lost loved ones in the Genocide visit to remember and grieve. There is no entrance fee and donations are gratefully accepted.


        Inema art center is one of the activities you can do during 1 day kigali city tou, it is Located in the heart of Kigali City, Inema Art Center is one of East African’s major art galleries, housing a collection of artists from around the African Continent.

        Founded in 2012 by brothers and self-taught painters Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza, Inema Arts Center spurs creativity for personal, social and economic growth

        Today, Inema Arts Center has become a beacon in Rwanda for cultivating creative expression. Inema Arts Center is a collective of Rwandan creative artists. At its core, Inema Arts Center provides space for 10 artists in residence to explore their creative talent.

        Specializing in contemporary African Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance. Inema’s artists produce paintings, sculptures, and mixed media expressions showcased in, the Gallery at Inema Arts Center.

        The Center is home to programmes, projects, and initiatives that expand creative arts in Rwanda. Through workshops, trainings, and hands-on classes, the Inema Arts Center provides a space to fuel creative expression.


          During 1 Day Kigali city tour you must visit Kimironko located in th which is, is the busiest market in town. Vendors here sell produce from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

          While locals from all over the city head here to stock up on fruit, vegetables, fabric, clothing, shoes, and general household necessities. This is the place to experience Rwanda at its liveliest.

          • MOUNT KIGALI

            Mount Kigali is one of the best activity you can do during 1 day Kigali city tour which interests travelers in different activities. The city is known for its amazing attractions that will attract you while on your Rwanda tour among the different attractions.

            Mount Kigali is one of the most eye-catching landforms that can be seen in the city. Kigali city lies in between mount Kigali and mountain Jali which gives you the best views of the city while at its top. The mountain got its name from the many hills that are joined to form the mountain hence mountain Kigali. That is why you will visit this mountain during 1 day Kigali city tour.


              during 1 day Kigali city tour you will visit The site in Rwanda’s capital city Kigali where ten Belgian UN peacekeepers were murdered by the Hutu extremists in order to provoke a withdrawal of the UN forces, which then cleared the way for the full scale of the Rwandan genocide to unfold.


                1 Day Kigali city Tour at the multicultural environment of Muslim Quarter, one of the oldest quarters of Kigali. A modern, vivid green-and-white mosque dominates this neighborhood packed with tailor shops, hair salons, restaurants, mini-markets, and recording studios.

                Take in the urban energy, browse through a souk, and get a sense of the Arab influence in Africa.

                In 1 Day Kigali city tour you will visit One of Kigali’s most active neighborhoods, the area also offers excellent views of the city. Put Muslim Quarter into our Kigali trip itinerary builder tool to see other points of interest to visit during your vacation in Kigali.


                  CAG Museum is built in the Parliamentary building which was once known as Conseil National de Development because this building hosted the Rwandan Patriotic Front politicians and the 600 man protection force (3BN) from 28th December 1993.

                  As they were in the preparations for the installation of Broad Based Transitional Government and the National Transitional Assembly.

                  These 600 man protection force the (3BN) were the ones given the order first on 07/04/1994 by the RPA Chairman of High Command Major General Paul Kagame to break out from their initial positions defend themselves and rescue victims of Genocide in their vicinity when campaign against Genocide began

                  • KANDT HOUSE MUSEUM

                    In 1 Day Kigali city tour you have to also visit the Richard Kandt Palace Museum who was the first colonial governor of Rwanda, on behalf of Germany, until the early 1900s. At present, the Kandt House Museum in Kigali comprises three main parts.

                    The first part presents Rwandan life in all its aspects – social, economic, and political – before the colonial period.

                    The second part traces the experience of the Rwandan people during the colonial period. Following the Berlin Conference in 1884, the Germans ruled Rwanda until 1916, when the Belgians took over under the League of Nations Mandate after World War I. Richard Kandt’s life and deeds in Rwanda are covered here.

                    The third part covers the history of Kigali, before, during and after the colonial era. Kigali was made the capital upon independence in 1962.

                    • RWANDA ART MUSEUM

                      During 1 Day Kigali city tour you cant miss to visit The “Rwanda Art Museum” in Kanombe is located in 4 kilometers from Kigali International Airport. This former Presidential Palace Museum changed into Rwanda Art Museum effective from 18th May 2018.

                      The new museum displays contemporary artworks produced by both Rwandan and international artists. The aim is to provide to our visitors’ insight into the originality of Rwandan creativity, arts development from centuries up-to-date, whilst not overlooking traditional or modern imaginations.

                      As this current museum served as the Presidential Palace during 1970s until late 2000, our visitors can visit this historical building. The flight debris from the FALCON 50’s presidential jet that went down on 6th April 1994 are also found at this heritage site.

                      • CATEDRAL OF SAINT FAMILLE

                        Also during 1 Day kigali city tour you can pay a visit to Sainte-Famille Church which is a Catholic church in Kiyovu, downtown Kigali, in Rwanda. It is located on a hill, close to the commercial district of Rugenge. Sainte-Famille Church was the scene of killings during the genocide in April 1994.