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Have the chance to drive a legend and rent a Toyota Land Cruiser with kigali car rental service. This bold and beautiful SUV is the perfect travel companion for your next urban or outdoor adventure.

With kigali car rental service you can get  Toyota Land Cruiser  you will be ready for anything as this iconic vehicle has made its name through its reliability and expert handling in a range of road and weather conditions. 


-Timeless Style: Besides its top performance capabilities the Land Cruiser is also revered for its top of the line sophistication.

Expect luxurious comforts in its spacious cabin and to turn heads with its bold exterior design. Exciting LED lighting and chrome details are just a few of the style highlights that make this SUV stand out.

-Fully Equipped: To complement its exceptional drive the Land Cruiser comes fully equipped with all you need for a comfortable ride. Three rows provide seating for up to 8 passengers and its configurable cabin allows you to adjust the interior as needed.

Easily accessible front and rear door storage pockets, plus 12 cup and bottle holders also help facilitate a smoother ride.

-Solid and Safe: The confidence of Land Cruiser drivers is no coincidence. Almost unrivaled by other vehicles in its class, the Land Cruiser is famous for its exceptional abilities.

Its 8-speed Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) adjusts quickly to current driving conditions while the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System offers optimal traction.

A solid frame and a suite of driver and safety systems round out this rugged SUV. rent a car with the best kigali car rental service provider – Shalom Safaris

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