1 Day Akagera National Park Safari


1 Day tour Akagera National Park  takes you to explore the Akagera National Park which is located in Eastern Rwanda on the border with Tanzania will give you a great experience to explore this only Savanna National Park where safari game drive can only be carried in Rwanda.

1 day tour in Akagera national park is known for harboring the big 5 with the recent introduction of the lions.

Tour in Akagera national park will explore the only Savannah park in Rwanda and is home to several mammal species including Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Kobs, Zebras, Bushbucks, Waterbucks and most recently Black Rhinos have been introduces from South Africa, making Akagera national park officially a big 5 park like it was many years ago

Why our insiders chose this 1 day tour in akagera national park.

Most of the people they probably chose this tour in akagera national park because it provides the real adventure about the wildlife safaris, apart from that it is the only place in Rwanda where you can do a game drive and see a lot of Animals.

Tour in akagera national park will be the best way to discover one of the Protected areas in Africa where you can find the high concentration of Lakes because we have up to 10 and both of them they have Hippopotamus and crocodile, which means swimming is not allowed

tour in akagera national park

Departure & Return Location

Kigali International Airport


6.00 Am

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What to Expect

In this 1 day Tour in akagera national park you can expect nothing rather than the Adventure and doing a game drive where we can spot different animal species.

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Itinerary of 1 day akagera national park safari


Day 1 : Detailed itinerary

1 day akagera national park safari tour will start by Departing from Kigali early the morning at around 05 am to Akagera National Park which lies in eastern province of Rwanda, hugging the border with Tanzania.

We will use 2hrs and 30min to the park, it is a distance of 120km from Kigali. The game drive here are like opening a present and each game drive holds a full new surprise as nature reveals its treasures in form of wonders that are so scenic, the wildlife like buffalos, antelopes including; the elands, topis, Maasai giraffes, monkeys, savannah birds, civets, leopards, the hyenas, as well as the serval cats.

The game drives also mean that you will be accompanied by the guide who is so knowledgeable about the flora and the fauna that is found in the park. As you are carrying out the game drives, one should remain in the vehicle unless the park guides see that it’s safe for you to get out taking a look.

For the longer game drives, you are advised to take a snack or lunch and a lot of drinking water.We shall spend approximately 5-7 hours in the park and return back to kigali evening at around 08Pm.

End of service of 1 day akagera national park safari


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